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Greyfriars Charteris Centre is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC047573

and is part of the mission outreach of Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh

VAT Registration Number 288190565

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The Greyfriars Charteris Centre was established in 2016 as a Centre for Community to provide a place of connection with communities of all kinds: location, people, faith, need, interest, aspiration and many more.

It is located on the Pleasance in Edinburgh and currently has an 80 seater hall and 16 seater meeting room plus 10 offices.  Our 200 seater hall is currently undergoing refurbishment along with connecting areas of our Centre in order to ensure full accessibility throughout.  This will be completed in Autumn 2020.  The Centre is available for use by any company, group, organisation or individual, but exists to support local people especially through Wellbeing and Enterprise.  Above all else, everyone using our Centre for Community receives a welcome, inclusion, and hospitality according to need. 


The Centre is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC047573 and is part of the mission outreach of Greyfriars Kirk.

Mission and Vision

The Greyfriars Charteris Centre is a Centre for Community in Edinburgh that exists to provide a place of connection with communities of all kinds: location, people, faith, need, interest, aspiration and many more. 

Its various spaces are available for coordinated community and corporate use.  All its activities give local people the opportunity to reach their potential through gaining new skills, building on existing abilities or dreams, and developing self-confidence.  These activities provide mutually beneficial support to other groups in the Centre and enable greater provision and cohesion between all age groups in the local community.


The vision for its operations is through two main strands.  Click each word below to find out more.

Wellbeing               Enterprise


More background information

The Greyfriars Charteris Centre was formed in June 2016 within the former Kirk o'Field Church and St Ninians Centre and is open to people of all faiths and none.  Simply, this is the Kirk serving the people of its parish in very practical ways, unashamedly using the lessons of the Gospel to reach out and support the many needs of the locality. 

The Centre is building upon the work of the Very Reverend Archibald H Charteris who established the premises in the late 1800’s and commenced many support activities for the benefit of the surrounding community.  Although many of the things he commenced are still in existence, much of his vision remains unfulfilled.  So our vision centres around enabling people to reach their potential no matter what their status or background.

The Centre is made up of the former Kirk O’Field (Charteris Memorial) Church together with its basement hall (Harry Miller Hall), and the former St Ninians Mission (also known as St Ninian’s or Kirk O’Field Centre) containing an additional hall (St Ninian’s Hall), the newly created Baillie Meeting Room, and office spaces.

Since bringing together the Greyfriars and Kirk O’Field congregations at Greyfriars Kirk in 2013, the numerous spaces within the premises have continued to be used by a range of community groups throughout the week and will continue so up to and beyond our redevelopment plans.  No formal worship activity is held by the Church of Scotland in these premises anymore however the centre is used by other worshipping communities as a base for their activities.


Following consultation amongst Kirk O’Field and Greyfriars Kirk congregations, plus key local stakeholders, Reverend Dr Richard Frazer, minister of Greyfriars Kirk, prepared a vision for the redevelopment of the former Kirk O’Field Parish Church, with the long-term aim of creating a ‘Place for Wellbeing and Innovation’ – a building with a clear identity that is an integral part of the local community.  Rev. Fraser wrote: “We will develop the centre in a way that does not identify problems in our community that need to be addressed, rather we will look at community assets, see what is already here, what potential exists, what are the barriers to involvement and what groups can offer to one another, building a community focussed asset.  The new centre will have a number of paying partner organisations that will utilise purpose built space.  It will run as a social enterprise with a central hub for hospitality with a small staff team and will encourage active volunteering and involvement of the local community, creatively working with the tension between communities of interest and communities of place.  A key feature is that all partners will be asked to consider ways in which they can contribute to the wider role of the centre.”


Click the links below to find out more:

Behind the Name


Centre Redevelopment

Community of User Groups

Photos of groups in action

It is they who dream bright dreams that in the end deliver;

Do not be afraid or ashamed to announce splendid hopes;

It is enthusiasts the world needs and I pray you to be enthusiastic!

The Very Reverend

Archibald H Charteris


You’ll be known as those who can fix anything, restore old ruins,

rebuild and renovate,

make the community liveable again

Isaiah 58:12

(The Message)

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