The Greyfriars Charteris Centre was established in 2016 as a Centre for Community to provide a place of connection with communities of all kinds: location, people, faith, need, interest, aspiration and many more.

It is located on the Pleasance in Edinburgh and currently has an 80 seater hall plus 13 offices.  Our 200 capacity Binks Hall, 30 seater meeting room and 20 seater meeting rooms. In the interim, we can continue to serve as many groups as possible. The Centre is available for use by any company, group, organisation or individual, but exists to support local people especially through Wellbeing and Enterprise.  Above all else, everyone using our Centre for Community receives a welcome, inclusion, and hospitality according to need. 


The Centre is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC047573 and is part of the mission outreach of Greyfriars Kirk.

Our various spaces are available for coordinated community and corporate use.  All activities give local people the opportunity to reach their potential through gaining new skills, building on existing abilities or dreams, and developing self-confidence.  These activities provide mutually beneficial support to other groups in the Centre and enable greater provision and cohesion between all age groups in the local community.


The vision for our operations is through two main strands.  Click each word below to find out more.

Wellbeing               Enterprise

You can also find out much more about "What we do and Why we do it" in our digital booklet below:

It is they who dream bright dreams that in the end deliver;

Do not be afraid or ashamed to announce splendid hopes;

It is enthusiasts the world needs and I pray you to be enthusiastic!

The Very Reverend

Archibald H Charteris


You’ll be known as those who can fix anything, restore old ruins,

rebuild and renovate,

make the community liveable again

Isaiah 58:12

(The Message)