The Greyfriars Charteris Centre is a place of support and development for people in terms of body, mind and soul:

  • through direct and indirect provision of services;

  • by providing a welcoming place that serves all people regardless of faith or culture;

  • by creating a place of sanctuary for people living, working or studying in the area. 

It will use multiple mediums to support and enhance the wellbeing of local people including art, recreation and enterprise, that will enable them to reach their fullest potential whilst drawing on the myriad of resources available in the area.

“I am increasingly convinced that there should be time for solitude, reading and prayer in all workers lives” The Very Revd Archibald H. Charteris

“Sometimes we need saving from the unflinchingly competent fixer! We occasionally need rescuing from the insidious power of those who think they know best”.  Revd Dr Richard Frazer

Wellbeing        Enterprise